Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sweetest Girl by Najaa Saffura

She use to be the sweetest girl ever,
Now she is sour and bitter,
And if God make it rain she will be under the weather,
She embrace the lost of her mother,
Cause she don't want to see her sister gloom,
So respect her but her life is filled with doom,
She even write a letter,
Wondering maybe it would make her feel better,

And then she runs to her father,
Asking him about her mother,
And he said in our life there will be a new chapter,
But she feel no different after,
She leave her house to find an answer,
Without knowing she was exposed to danger,
She saw people throwing stone at Israeli tank,
Filled with sadness her heart sank,

Now she understand,
Her mother died because of them,
Little pebbles were thrown,
She picks up a stone,
The other run leaving her alone,
They got their hands on the trigger,

Life is on the line,
She stomp her feet to the ground 
and she is not moving 
that's the bottom line,
She was thinking to herself,
If this is the end than fine,
At last I can meet the beloved mother of mine...